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  • We have expertise in design and construction
    of water distribution and collection sytems.
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An essential element of the BHM core business being utility infrastructure works, incorporating both Water & Sewerage and Electrical Installations.

Water and Sewerage Treatment

BHM provides efficient, effective and environmentally friendly water and wastewater treatment facilities for the distribution of both clean and dirty water supplies.

We have expertise in the design and construction of water distribution and collection systems where our trained teams procure and manage the delivery of complete projects, including procurement, layout, dealing with existing utilities, connecting to existing services, testing, commissioning and reinstatement.

Our experience in the water and sewer industry is built upon a reputation for successfully delivering clean water and wastewater treatment projects and have a strong background in providing the most reliable and cost effective solutions to benefit customers and end users.

Electrical Works

BHM provides a fully comprehensive electrical construction service through design, installation and construction management.

Our extensive experience includes:-
• a range of voltages
• underground installations
• copper and fiber optic communication
• street and aerodrome lighting
• airfield navigation systems
• marina electrical and navigation systems
• life safety and process control systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings

Our experienced electrical services team is committed to delivering quality installations and distinctive service. Regardless the size or scope of your project, BHM will deliver on time, on budget solutions each and every time.

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