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People Comments from Staff under Training

Julian Seymour
Construction Manager

“BHM has assisted me throughout the years by annually sending me away for Civil Engineering Professional Development courses at as far as Arizona to Florida.

BHM has sponsored many of my licensing preparation and my licensing examinations as well as professional certification courses.

I have had the pleasure of receiving training and coaching at work by seasoned and experienced Construction Managers from various backgrounds and disciplines”.

Chelsa Fernador
Graduate Engineer

“As a trainee, I’ve had the opportunity to take formal AutoCAD classes and all day training seminars in Microsoft Project and Word. The in-house training has been excellent.

My co-workers are my mentors and have always been open to questions and have also been kind and patient trainers as I’ve learnt the ‘ropes’. It has been a major help in my transition from a student to a working professional.

I not only understand the technical side of the Company but I also understand the Company’s culture, values, goals and mission.
I can say with confidence that not only have I gained valuable skills during my time at BHM but I’ve also achieved personal growth.
For me, that is invaluable".

Sanara Kennedy
Financial Analyst

“There is an excellent training system in place in BHM. It covers all aspects of our business, the Company believes in educating its employees.

I enjoy going to work every day knowing that the organisation I work for is concerned about my growth and development in the Company. BHM has supported me through an A.A in Business Administration and a B.A in Accounting and eventually a CPA. It‘s great to work for a Company that is able to invest the necessary capital into their assets to achieve their true potential.

BHM understands that providing a truly great service to their clients, is having a well-trained qualified team in all areas, and is the key to success. Working for a Company like BHM, that offers so much support, makes my job so much easier. Thanks BHM”

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