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BHM Co. Ltd - 23 Airport Industrial Park, PO Box CB-10990, Nassau, Bahamas

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  • We value our commitment to staff development,
    training and graduate sponsorship
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Our People

Over the years we have developed a highly professional team of very experienced project managers, engineers, material engineers, commercial managers and quantity surveyors. Coupled with this we have invested considerably in the training and development of our front line operational staff from foremen through to machine operators. It has been this training and the dedication of our front line staff that has enabled us to deliver such high quality services..

Most of our team are long serving members of the Company who ensure new members are supported and coached into the culture of our vibrant business.

We value our commitment to staff development, training and graduate sponsorship; we recognise that training and development is essential for all our staff to:

• supporting them in their job roles;
• improve performance and client satisfaction;
• develop the skills necessary for the future of the business;
• provide promotional opportunities and succession planning.

We believe that learning and development is essential. This is supported by numerous internal training courses.

The Company offers a range of sponsorships for students on a full-time or part-time basis but also supports internet distance
learning programmes.


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Our People

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