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BHM Co. Ltd - 23 Airport Industrial Park, PO Box CB-10990, Nassau, Bahamas

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  • We trust our people and avoid bureaucratic
    processes that create a climate of mistrust
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Our Leadership

Our Company was founded on very strong values; to us these are not just words they are in our hearts and the way we behave every day. We expect to be measured by these behaviours and not by our position of hierarchy. We are passionate that we will continue the success of our 30 years’ heritage through honesty, integrity and always maintaining a positive “can do” attitude..

We trust our people and avoid bureaucratic processes that create a climate of mistrust; we know we will all make mistakes, but we will admit them, learn from them and move on. It is our private ownership and the highest integrity of our Board that allows us to live this culture.

On a more practical front, our senior leadership including Managing Director and many of the Senior Management are Chartered Civil Engineers or have other professional accreditations and a wealth of practical experience in their careers. Our executive leadership team has over 150 years’ experience in construction between them.

With all of this we bring not only a value driven Company from the top down, but a wealth of diverse experience in delivering major and technically complex civil projects across the Bahamas, the Caribbean and expanding into African countries.


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Our Leadership

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