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BHM Co. Ltd - 23 Airport Industrial Park, PO Box CB-10990, Nassau, Bahamas

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  • Delivering successful projects recognised
    for their quality, durability and technical excellence.
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Our Heritage

BHM was founded in 1984 by a group of Bahamian businessmen who remain on the Board of the Company to this day; all the original founders have a construction background.

As well as the Company operating very successfully and diversifying over the years, our Board has also expanded their own success outside the construction industry in such sectors as shipping, mining, real estate and retail. They have used this wider experience to help support the executive management of BHM to grow a quality business.

This success has led to the aspiration by the Board and the management team to see the Company grow and seek new and exciting challenges in the vertical construction sector as well as new challenges within our existing Infrastructure works both in the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean. The Board has also approved that the company should extend our road construction, civil engineering and earthworks into selected countries in Africa.

From a strong background in the Bahamas as a major civil engineering contractor, our Company fully understands the steps that have to be taken to gain the trust of our new clients and how to deliver successful projects that are immediately recognized for their quality, durability and technical excellence.


BHM was founded
in 1984

Strong background in the Bahamas

Growing a quality business

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Our Heritage

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