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BHM Co. Ltd - 23 Airport Industrial Park, PO Box CB-10990, Nassau, Bahamas

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  • We specialise in heavy civil engineering projects
    including major highways, airports and landside
    marine works.
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We understand drilling. BHM has extensive experience of drilling Drainage, Deep Cooling and Injection Well Construction, and encompass the recirculation drilling method which is particularly advantageous in controlling the flow of water in urban areas.

Drilling Teams and Equipment

Our drilling teams have experience of constructing wells in many types of strata ranging from cohesive to igneous formations, at all times aware of the importance of safety and responsible working methods to respect the local environment and communities.

Our fleet of Atlas-Copco TW2 & TW4 model drill rigs are capable of being used for direct drilling and re-circulation method to depths in excess of 1560ft, with the additional capability to obtain core specimens using rotary drilling.

Typical drainage wells construction:
10 inch diameter, 215 ft deep, with PVC liners installed and grouted into place at specified depths, depending of site conditions and client requirements

Drilling Experience

BHM also has widespread experience of deep wells exceeding 660 ft deep and 4 ft. in diameter. These deep wells have strict specification on plumb and alignment, along with other requirements such as:

• Keeping contractual relevant drilling records
• Obtaining and storing samples of strata encountered
• Obtaining and storing ground-water samples
• Obtaining core samples by rotary drilling
• Development of wells to acceptable levels of turbidity
• Water quality analysis
• Commissioning and assisting in the geophysical and flow capacity testing and video surveys.

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